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Karrimor Boma Neo Shell Mens Jacket

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Продуктов код:: 44215918
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Марка: Karrimor
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Описание на продукта

This rain jacket made from POLARTECNeoShell combines the ventilation, breathability and stretchability of a soft shell with the wear resistance and waterproofing of a hard shell. Our flagship model is equipped with plenty of practical features such as a front pocket that also acts as ventilation and zips that are arranged in such a way so they can be opened and closed without any interference from a backpack.

Is a highly functional material combining excellent ventilation, breathability, and stretchability of a soft shell, with the wear resistance and waterproofing of a hard shell.

Pocket ventilation
The pockets that are placed on either side also act as a ventilation. The inside of the pocket is lined with a mesh material to improve the jackets ventilating effect. Also the position these pockets are placed in such a way as to ensure they won't interfere when carrying a backpack, the design also takes into consideration the position of the hip belt and shoulder harnesses.

Hood design with 3 points of adjustment
The cord on the rear of the hood adjusts it horizontally, and the cords on the the side of the face correspond to the vertical adjustment. This makes for an excellent fit.

Hem cord adjustment
The drawcord is located along the hem. Each cord is adjustable using one hand, which means it can be tightened quickly with the sudden onset of wind and rain.

Knitted liner
The knitted liner follows the characteristics of the NeoShell ® membrane. One of the reasons to use a lightweight knitted fabric was to improved the jackets stretchability as well as it's moisture permeability. This fabric gives a high performance in intense activities with a lot of movement.

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